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Past Projects

Developing a Transnational Plastics Network (TransPlas): an integrated approach to quantify the impact of our global plastic problem

Plastic pollution is a global environmental and human health issue, with plastics now ubiquitous in the environment and biota. Despite extensive international research, key knowledge gaps remain around ecosystem-scale and human health impacts of plastics.

Genetic diversity within and among seagrass meadows

How many plants are there in a seagrass meadow, and what are the implications for developing genetic based guidelines for seagrass restoration?

Seedling recruitment in seagrasses

What are the limitations to seedlings recruitment, and how can they be overcome?

Seed-based restoration in seagrass

What are the critical demographic transitions in the recovery and maintenance of seagrass meadows?

Posidonia seeds float for less than a week

How effective is seed dispersal in maintaining genetic connectivity among seagrass meadows?

Pilbara marine conservation

What are the impacts of grazing on growth rates in macrophyte communities associated with coral reefs?

Seagrass die-off in Cockburn Sound

What is the cause of seagrass die-off in Cockburn Sound?

Desalination and seagrass

What are the effects of desalination on seagrass communities?

Seagrass monitoring in Cockburn Sound

What are the long-term trends for seagrass health in Cockburn Sound?

Plant functional traits

How are seagrass functional traits linked to primary production?

Monitoring Shark Bay's seagrasses

What is the long-term trend for seagrass in Shark Bay, and is there recovery following the 2011 marine heatwave?

Browse basin benthos

What is the biodiversity and community structure of the marine benthic environment?

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