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Developing a Transnational Plastics Network (TransPlas): an integrated approach to quantify the impact of our global plastic problem

Plastic pollution is a global environmental and human health issue, with plastics now ubiquitous in the environment and biota. Despite extensive international research, key knowledge gaps (“known unknowns”) remain around ecosystem-scale and human health impacts of plastics in the environment, particularly in limnetic, coastal and marine systems. 

Global Research Initiator Award
UWA Research Collaboration Award

Paterson HL, Stead JL, Crutchett T, Hovey RK, Ford BM, Speldewinde P, Zapata-Restrepo LM, Yanfang L, Zhang X, Cundy AB (2021) Battling the known unknowns: a synoptic review of aquatic plastics research from Australia, the United Kingdom and China. Environmental Science: Processes Impacts 23: 1663-1680

Image: Fig. 3 Circular bar plot of the subject areas of aquatic plastic debris literature for the United Kingdom up to the end of 2019 from Paterson et al., 2021

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