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Circumventing demographic processes that limit seagrass restoration

This project aims to explore a demographic approach for seed-based restoration of seagrasses. Sustainable strategies are needed to restore the structure and function of seagrass ecosystems. Although seed-based restoration has been successfully used for decades in terrestrial ecosystems, failures in seagrass restoration are common because the science of seed-based restoration is grossly underdeveloped, and transitions from dispersed seed, seedling, recruiting juvenile to reproductive adult in seagrasses are poorly understood. Recent demographic approaches in terrestrial vegetation restoration identify transitions most limiting to recruitment and successful establishment. Anticipated outcomes are successful seed-based restoration of seagrasses.

Australian Research Council - Linkage
Industry partners:

Shark Bay Salt

BMT Oceanica

Rottnest Island Authority


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Sinclair EA, Sherman CDH, Statton J, Copeland C, Matthews A, Waycott M, van Dijk K-J, Vergés A, Kajlich L, McLeod IM, Kendrick GA (2021) Advances in approaches to seagrass restoration in Australia. Ecological Management and Restoration 22: 10-21

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