Jennifer Verduin

Establishing genetic guidelines for the effective ecological restoration of seagrass meadows

Critical genetic information underpinning restoration success is lacking ecological restoration of seagrass meadows following their disturbance. In the key seagrass, Posidonia australis, we are addressing the need in a multi-level genetic study to (i) delimit the species boundaries within the P. australis complex, (ii) assess population genetic structure of P. australis at multiple spatial scales (national, among populations, and within meadows), and (iii) conduct a direct molecular assessment of within and among population pollen and seed dispersal. We are working with industry and restoration ecologists to ensure more effective seagrass restoration outcomes.

Industry partners:

Cockburn Cement, BMT Oceanica, Department of Environment and Conservation (now DPaW), Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority

key contact: Elizabeth Sinclair