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Ankje Frouws

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I am a PhD student at Edith Cowan University and work on the genetic diversity and resilience of two seagrass species in the Pilbara region and in the Ningaloo and the Shark Bay World Heritage sites of Western Australia. Part of my work focuses on the genetic diversity of the seagrass Amphibolis antarctica in Shark Bay along the extreme salinity gradient within the bay. Between 2002 and 2014 dense seagrass meadows in Shark Bay declined in spatial abundance from 72% to only 46%. Increasing our understanding of genetic diversity and connectivity of A. antarctica within Shark Bay will help improve future restoration efforts.

PhD thesis topic: Spatial and temporal patterns in genetic diversity in seagrass meadows and the implications of these patterns for resilience

Research support: ECU Industry PhD scholarship and Keiran McNamara World Heritage Top-Up PhD Scholarship



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