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Henry Evans


Henry loves being in, on, around, or learning about the water and the marine ecosystem, which is what led him to pursue a career in marine science. Throughout his Bachelor of Science, majoring in Marine Science and Environmental Science, he developed a particular interest in marine plants due to the many important ecosystem services they provide. He further explored this interest during his Master of Biological Sciences (Marine Biology) course with his thesis titled “Optimal temperature and light conditions to stimulate growth and bromoform concentration of Asparagopsis taxiformis gametophytes for aquaculture”.

Henry is now working as a research assistant at UWA and Murdoch on the WAMSI Westport seagrass restoration program in Cockburn Sound, as well as Shark Bay. His work mainly consists of transplant and seed-based restoration and monitoring. He has previously been involved in a diverse range of research projects, including seaweed aquaculture, fisheries (BRUVs and UVC), benthic habitat, and boat ramp surveys; often working alongside Traditional Owners which is a highlight for him.

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