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Future proofing and restoring Australia’s tropical seagrasses

This project aims to develop and apply a comprehensive framework for restoration of Australian tropical seagrasses using innovative approaches and partnerships. The project expects to provide coastal managers with tools to mitigate and restore seagrass to minimise effects of climate and development related loss, protecting ecosystem services measured in hundreds of millions of dollars. Expected outcomes include new techniques for tropical seagrass restoration, a blueprint for seagrass friendly marine infrastructure, and restoration decision tools applied at local and regional scales. This will provide significant benefits by protecting seagrass ecosystem services and place Australia at the forefront of global seagrass restoration efforts.

Australian Research Council - Linkage

North Queensland Bulk Ports Corporation

Ports North


Prof. Michael Rasheed, James Cook University

Prof. Gary Kendrick, University of Western Australia

Ass. Prof. Alana Grech, James Cook University

Prof. Robert Orth, Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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