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Utilising plant-sediment-feedbacks to enhance seagrass restoration

This project aims to investigate the role of sediment microbes in promoting the health of threatened seagrass species across Australia. This project expects to create new knowledge for enhancing restoration success for seagrasses by integrating macro and micro-ecology, environmental genomics, plant ecology and ecosystem function (e.g. nutrient and biogeochemistry cycling). Expected outcomes are new knowledge to enhance seagrass restoration utilising sediment microbes that can be integrated into management and policy. This project should provide significant benefits, such as the development of key strategic alliances to enhance management of seagrasses, and the ecosystem services, and economic and social benefits they provide.

Australian Research Council - Linkage

Department of Primary Industries, New South Wales

Department of Water and Environmental Regulation

The Singapore Centre on Environmental Life Sciences Engineering


Ass. Prof. Paul Gribben, University of New South Wales

Dr Ezequiel Marzinelli, University of Sydney

Prof. Gary Kendrick, University of Western Australia

Dr Katherine Dafforn, Macquarie University

Dr Mariana Mayer Pinto, University of New South Wales

Dr Matthew Fraser, University of Western Australia

Dr Belinda Martin, University of Western Australia

Ass. Prof. Adriana Verges, University of New South Wales

Dr Timothy Glasby, Dept. of Primary Industries, NSW

Dr Kieryn Kilminster, Department of Water and Environmental Regulation, WA

Prof. Staffan Kjelleberg, University of New South Wales

Dr Yan Xiang Ow, St John's Island National Marine Laboratory, Singapore

Ass. Prof. Jeffrey Wright, University of Tasmania

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