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Seagrass Research

Our research team is based at The University of Western Australia.
We are located in the School of Biological Sciences and members of the Oceans Institute.

Giant Posidonia australis clone, Shark Bay

Image: Rachel Austin

Latest News

Western Australia's Shark Bay seabeds are a ticking carbon time bomb, says scientist

Volunteers spring into action to help seagrass recovery in Cockburn Sound


Amphibolis Antarctica meadow, Shark Bay

Image: Matthew Fraser

About Us

We are a diverse group of individuals who all share a great love of nature and the marine environment, in particular.


Our research expertise and interests are also diverse, which allows us to work across multiple disciplines and create truly collaborative projects and outcomes.


Our focus has been largely on benthic habitat-forming species including macroalgae, corals and particularly seagrasses.


Contact Us

School of Biological Sciences and Oceans Institute

The University of Western Australia

Crawley, Western Australia, 6009

Image: Angela Rossen

Thanks for contacting us! We will reply as soon as possible.

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