Kendra Thomas Travaille

I am interested in how we can improve global fishery outcomes and work to understand how to best address the complex social-ecological problems keeping many fisheries from achieving long-term sustainability goals. ​My current research examines the use of collaborative, market-based tools, called fishery improvement projects (FIPs), for governing change in marine wild-capture fisheries. My research employs a transdisciplinary approach, recognising the need for context-specific methods to unravel and address local fishery challenges. My work is based in the Caribbean and Central America, where I am examining the FIP process using two case studies, The Bahamas and Honduras spiny lobster fisheries. Outcomes from my research will add to our understanding of how to best employ improvement initiatives in various fishery settings and identify key conditions and activities to improve the likelihood of project success.

PhD thesis topic: Governing change in fishery systems: the effects of social-ecological context on improvement project outcomes in two Caribbean spiny lobster fisheries