Emily Lester 


Emily is a PhD candidate at the University of Western Australia and the Australian Institute of Marine Science. She is interested in reef sharks and how interactions between these predators and their prey help maintain functional coral reef ecosystems. Her research uses life-size models of threatening (reef sharks) and non-threatening (turtles, small fishes) taxa, as an innovative method to examine predator-prey interactions that are rarely directly observed in nature. This will provide key experimental evidence needed to form a more complete understanding the ecological role of reef sharks and the consequence of their removal from coral reefs. Emily was awarded Keiran McNamara World Heritage PhD Scholarship in 2016.

PhD thesis topic: Living in fear: how can the antipredator behaviours of reef fish help determine the ecological role of sharks in coral reefs? 

Email: emily.lester@research.uwa.edu.au


Twitter: @EmilyKateLester