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Photo: Angela Rossen

Dr Anne Brearley

Anne has wide interests in marine and estuarine environments and interactions between seagrasses and invertebrate communities, particularly molluscs and isopods. Molluscs of interest includes native Australian and introduced species such as Musculista senhousia discovered in the Swan River estuary in 1980's. Research on isopod borers documents the habits of species that live within the tissues of specific seagrasses (PosidoniaZostera and Amphibolis griffithii). Population studies include communities on intertidal platforms of the Ningaloo Marine Park, and recruitment and mortality of Tridacna noae in the same area. Anne is the author of the book Ernest Hodgkin’s SWANLAND Estuaries and Coastal Lagoons of South-western Australia (2005), UWA Press, addresses environmental conditions, natural and anthropogenic changes, and animals and plants that reflects the health of 43 estuaries.

research areas: invertebrate species in seagrasses and intertidal reef communities, introduced exotic species
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